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New Moon Vision Board Making with Yuli Ama Luna

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Cost: $15

Love note: it’s an impromptu event inspired by the Moon; and space is very limited because we want everyone to have enough room to create their visions… So… there is no time to procrastinate – jump in, spontaneous playful soul! ♥

Wow, what an amazing year is waiting for us! 2019 definitely feels like a year of new beginnings! It’s shedding time! Removing the old to create space for the new, the fresh, the blooming! And what is the better timing there to set intentions and send the messages of your desires into the Universe, than on a First New Moon of the Year…

We are going to meditate to ground and cleanse, and then shake and dance a little bit to remove anything that’s not needed anymore, and then we’ll set the intentions for the New Year and create our artistic and unique vision boards to guide us and remind us what we really wish to achieve ♥ Every thought and every word is a message and a prayer that we send to the Universe, to create our own reality. We so often underestimate the power of intention, while it’s such an amazing tool for reaching our goals… Remember that anything that you see around, once started with someone’s thought! Isn’t it marvelous? It is possible to have anything you want in your life, it’s all within your reach, all you need to do is draw an image of it in your mind, create an intention, and then craft a vision board as a physical reminder and a “follow-up-er” ♥

I don’t know about you, but for me 2019 feels like this inviting clean slate, encouraging us to purge and to fly our highest. If you were waiting for the right moment, this is it, the best nourishing platform possible.

What is provided:

♦ Sacred safe space

♦ Sound&crystal healing

♦ Materials for creating Your Vision Board – large poster board; abundant amount of magazines to shuffle through to find images and wording; scissors; glue; stickers; pens-colored-pencils-crayons-markers; washi tapes…

♦ Music ♥

♦ Herbal tea from a Monastery in Russia, herbs collected and dried by monks ♥ The herbs used are to boost our immunity and support respiratory health – right for the season… I’ll also have regular teabags if you are more comfortable with something more familiar ♥

♦ Vegan sweets (let me know if you need gluten-free or if there are other dietary restrictions I need to know about)

What to bring:

♦ Your amazing self ♥

♦ Your favorite blankie if you want to cozy up

♦ Optional: floor cushion or yoga mat to sit on – we’ll have ours to provide, but bring yours if you want

♦ Journal to write and reflect on your thoughts and desires, maybe something will come up during your meditation!

♦ Images or items you want to incorporate in your vision board to personalize it even more

♦ Optional: travel mug for the tea

See you this Sunday! ♥

For more details please email