Who is WithLoveDC?

Heather, founder and lover of DC

Heather is a wanderlust-filled adventurer and believer that all things are connected to one another. Throughout her travels she has learned amazing lessons and grown to love the life of a wanderer. She arrived in DC in the spring of 2013 with the hope of planting some roots for a little while. Shortly after this transition WithLoveDC, a movement to spread love, joy, and acceptance in the District, was born and she has been busy loving, flowing, connecting, teaching, and gathering in a sense of community since then. A teacher, artist, writer, yoga-lover, meditation-practitioner, and vegetable-enthusiast, Heather believes that a meaningful life is about connection and gratitude and sharing what we have. She feels her whole life is her art and strives to share as much as she can with those she encounters.

email: madewithlovedc@gmail.com

Chantae, exporter of love and calm

Chantae' Polite moved from her hometown of Tampa, Florida in 2013 to attend graduate school in DC.  She fell in love with the district and the people and decided to build a community here. Chantae’ completed her training at Yoga District’s Registered Yoga Teacher Intensive training in Outer Banks, North Carolina. Chantae' has worked with children and teens for over five years through different mentorship, outreach, and art therapy programs. She uses compassion and playfulness to help others build awareness and self-confidence. Chantae' has studied the yoga styles of Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Dharma Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, and breathing and meditation techniques. As a landlocked beach bum she fills her days practicing and teaching yoga, reading, paddle boarding, biking, and tinkering with her ukulele. 

contact: chantae.madewithlovedc@gmail.com

Fati, the person possessing the world's most enchanting smile and the warmest heart hug

The way Fatima Gul describes herself is not meant to be cryptic, but it is rather a search for commonality among people. “I call myself nothing from nowhere because when we start telling people who we are and where we’re from, this is where all the conflicts arise. But everything is connected and in fact we are one.”

Fati Gul is an all-American coach who has found her authenticity through tumultuous yet rich experiences she had in her upbringing as a young leader in Sindhi Community. Guided by her authentic experiences of gratefulness even through difficult times, she now guides others in finding their own constant factor. The ‘constant factor’ is Fati’s philosophy of joy, spirituality and gratefulness – even full functional in the parts of your day-to-day life, which can seem chaotic and challenging. She believes that by discovering of your own potential, you have the chance to reach your own highest sphere of life. “I call it connecting with your higher self. It’s all within you,” she says. “All I have to do is be your companion on your life’s journey.”

Farah, a gazer of stars and lover of humanity

(bio coming soon)