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Dreamwork 101: What is your deeper self communicating to you?

  • 825 11th Street NE Washington DC (map)

Limited to 15 participants 

Please bring pen and paper 


No refunds 

Secure space by submitting fee to on PayPal (send as friends/family please) or cash app $yasminaalya . Please put in description of payment "dreamwork." 

I truly believe that one of the greatest gifts each and every one of us have been given in this existence is our dreamlife. Our deeper self transmits crucial messages to us through our dreams, and when we pay attention to these messages, we gain insight, clarity, alignment and build a capacity to shift our lives in major ways. We learn to TRUST what our deepest self is requiring of us to grow. We flow instead of resist. I am, of course, speaking from my personal experience and what I have witnessed in many others. It is a beautiful process to reconnect with your dreams and deepen your inner relationship throughout your lifetime.


Unfortunately we're usually taught to think of dreams in two ways: as a random source of "bad" nightmares / "good" luck, or that our dreams are silly and have no importance in our waking life. Both of these assumptions are dangerously erroneous and can lead to much inner denial, confusion, and chaos, especially when we try to shun a frightening dream and feel uncomfortable or ashamed to share it with anyone. 


Once you have a true connection to your dreamlife, you will never want to sever that relationship, it's so special!!! I know for me, my dreams are what I look forward to every day and they bring so much meaning and wisdom to my life. I couldn't live without them! 


In this workshop we will cover many common beliefs about dreams and dig deep into what our dreams truly mean for each of us, and how to apply the lessons from dreamlife to our waking life, and vice versa. We will share with one another dreams we have had, and we will learn how to effectively engage with our dreamlife. It is so helpful to share dreams with trusted friends and receive their feedback as well - and I know we will be bonding through this experience. We will practice techniques for exploring our dreams beyond the surface and also make DIY dream sashes to sleep with using herbs I am bringing with me from Santa Fe, NM.