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Asana + Soul - Vinyasa Yoga Mix Level with Alexis

  • 825 11th Street NE Washington, DC 20002 USA (map)

These vinyasa classes are a culmination of asana, breath work, music, heart and soul.  Each class will encourage not only a connection with our bodies, but our mindset and heart spaces as well.  My hope, as a teacher, is to guide and facilitate the healing or inspiration that brings you to your mat each class. Yoga can be one of the most important and pivotal medicines we have as a god given birthright. There is so much to explore in its teachings and practices. Looking forward to meeting you!


About the Teacher:

As a DC native, I was born in the belly of the beast some would say.  I grew up as an against-the-grain, free flowing and curious thinker who conformed to many societal norms. It was a frustrating and painful path that too many know too well.  

At the age of 18, I discovered yoga, the Vedas, kirtan and meditation through divine serendipity and an urgent need for sacred space. More than anything else, these teachings gave me hope for a different kind of life. Thirteen years later, the spiritual path has guided me to unimaginable and incredible places of freedom and happiness.  I have learned to see and feel the blessings (and challenges) of our connectivity to the Divine and the human, pragmatic life alike through a combination of daily internal practices, physical disciplines, faith and fun.

My mission and hope is to humbly share what I have learned through blessings and challenges of my own in order to empower and inspire the spiritual growth in others. The deepest lesson and strongest belief I can share is that self-acceptance can truly set our souls free.

I am honored to travel the world as a teacher, studio co-founder, mentor, and student of my passion in sharing the message of self-acceptance and holistic wellness.