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Soul Writing Workshop

  • 825 11th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

What if your relationship to writing could be different?

In this intimate, half day workshop you will discover how you can use the practice of Soul Writing to turn a writing into a ritual for deeper connection to yourself and your intuitive voice.

Throughout the course of this workshop we will explore how writing can go beyond basic journaling into a ritual for generating inner clarity, emotional discovery, and creative insight for day-to-day living.

Inspired by my own journey uncovering the book “Writing Down Your Soul” during a period of total confusion and overwhelm in my own life (… kinda disturbing for a ‘life coach’) … I’ve been transformed by integrating this practice at the start of my day, not only in having an outlet for support and clarity (from my own wisdom) but also by cultivating a deeper relationship and trust within my inner voice, intuitive self and the creative possibiltiies I can explore in my life.

Soul Writing has taught me how to shift a relationship to the blank page from one that was uninspiring, perfectionist, and hyper critical …. into a practice that is deeply connective, insightful, and inspiring. Not to mention available anytime when I may feel overwhelmed or unclear.

Through this workshop, you will learn about the practice of Soul Writing - how to approach the page from a deeper layer than you would regular journaling - and you will explore how this tool can offer a gateway to cultivating trust within your intuitive voice, so that it translates beyond the pages and into your day-to-day life.

During our time together, there will be space for learning and practicing this ritual, discovering how to create and keep new practices in a way you can actually maintain them, and learning from one another's perspective about what it means to live in alignment with your intuitive, creative self.

By the end of our time togehter, you’ll have:

1 - A practice you can use (in 15 minutes or less), to shift how you connect with yourself for deeper clarity, insight and possibiltiy each day

2 - Exploration of what your intuitive voice is (ie. how it is different from other sources inside, like emotions, fear, "triggers," other's voices etc)

3 - Awareness of the skills to cultivate deeper trust in your inner voice beyond the journal pages

4 - Insight for creating new practices in your life an effective way that you can stick with

5 - Connection and wisdom from new soulful friends who are exploring a connection to themselves and their lives in a deeper way







The most compelling aspect to Soul Writing is that I continually find is that it shows me new layers of myself ... new perspectives ... new connections I hadn't made before. It helps me create space to hear myself when there are so many other influences in my world coming at me (which is becoming a skill of basic life navigation these days) and it can serve you in any way you need it most.

So come learn how Soul Writing is a tool for guiding you through your life in a connected, insightful and creative way with the support of fellow like-spirited creatives in DC!

*Accompanying book, "Writing Down Your Soul" will be available if you'd like to purchase a copy for $15.