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Yoni Egg Introduction Workshop

  • 825 11th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

This intro workshop is for you if you are just curious about yoni eggs but never tried, or tried, but not sure if you are doing everything “right”, or just want to be in a group of like-minded women who are open to fun and loving and fearless conversations about the most sacred ♥

The practice of using jade egg origins in ancient China over two thousands years ago. Then, it was kept as a very secret practice and was only available to the royals and the rich. It was aimed to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, create a better chi flow, and therefore, achieve a better overall health, confidence and happiness. The Chinese regarded to the sexual organs as center of health. Can’t agree more, as it’s our root or base chakra, and as I like to say “If root ain’t happy, ain’t nothing else happy!” If there is no proper flow or nourishment in the roots of a tree, the roots rot and the whole tree falls. We can’t do without healthy and strong base! Now this practice is known and available to all women around the world, and we ventured to using many other different crystals as yoni eggs, not just the original jade.

“Yoni” (योनि translates as “sacred temple” from Sanskrit, and refers to female genitalia representing the  Shakti and Devi, the creative force that moves through the entire universe. In Hindu philosophy, according to tantra, yoni is the origin of life.

In this workshop, we’ll learn the basics of using yoni eggs, the “dos” the “don’ts”, the qualities of different crystals and how to better combine your and crystal’s powers to achieve better results in all aspects of life. We’ll learn how to do “yoni breathing” – very powerful exercise that helps you connect to and heal your womb. (Don’t worry, we will remain fully clothed at all times, I completely respect and understand the delicacy of the matter).

What to bring:

  • open mind and heart
  • yoga mat (not necessary, but better for your comfort and the sense of personal space)
  • your favorite journal and pen/pencil
  • water bottle, if you feel you might get thirsty
  • your activated “relax and have fun” button! :-)

I’ll have some yoni eggs for sale, but the purchase is not an obligation to attend this workshop….. You can buy zero or buy 10, you’ll get the same amount of attention and love ♥

Please only reserve your spot if you really intend to come and return your ticket (or at least message me) if your circumstances changed so I can release your spot to somebody else. The space is limited at the With Love DC House and we strive to accommodate all who wish to come ♥

With YONIversal love,

~Yuli ♥