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Essential Oils Workshop

  • 825 11th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

Join us as we dive into the health, beauty and medicinal benefits of essential oils! This is a weekly essential oil education class that's theme may vary from week to week. 

Essential oils are plant extracts that have been around for thousands of years. They are a powerful plant medicine we can utilize when taking a natural proactive approach to our health. 

During this workshop, we’ll explore the preventive, restoring, and rebalancing powers of pure, high quality essential oils. We’ll learn about the dynamic and intelligent properties of many essential oils and put them to the test! 

Essential oils can work to help ease anxiety, encourage deeper sleep, stimulate and support digestion, and assist with the body’s healing in many more ways. Be ready to identify where your (or someone you love’s) body, mind or spirit needs healing and help it heal itself!

You will walk away from this workshop empowered to self heal, enlightened to the potential of natural alternative medicine, and with knowledge and experiences to share!

Join us in learning about some of the most powerful essential oils, what they can do for you, and explore an alternative approach to medicine and healing!

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