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Feeding the Mind, Body & Soul

  • 825 11th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

Join us for a 4-hour evening retreat called “Feeding the mind body & soul” on Jan-21-2017. The retreat will start with an active meditation to first nourish our mind & soul. Next, we will learn authentic Indian cooking followed by a mindful eating session. Each 1 hour session will be separated by a 15-minute break.

OSHO Kundalini Meditation – 1 hour: Osho Kundalini Meditation” is an active meditation which integrates physical methods for stress release and relaxation with Mindfulness & Intensity. It’s a whole mind-body meditation which consists of 4 stages and lasts for one hour. Each stage is demarked by music which has been specifically made for this meditation. Being fully immersed in the Shaking and dancing of the first two stages, helps to melt the rock-like being by cleansing our chakras & removing any blockages to the Kundalini (life force). Then that energy can flow, dance and be transformed into bliss and joy. The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence.

Indian Meal - Cooking Class – 1 hour: Nitin's wife Harsharan loves to treat people with authentic North Indian food & also share the delicacies she learnt from her mother. So, in the second session, Harsharan will lead us into a North Indian cooking class. We will provide all the ingredients. We just need your loving presence & playful heart :)

Mindful Eating & Sharing – 1 hour: After one hour of meditation & cooking an Indian meal with our own hands. We will gather as a spiritual community to share & eat mindfully. Here our focus will be on practicing mindfulness as we eat. So, that we can learn to be present as we eat. We will also take this time to share what comes to our heart & connect to each other on a deeper level.

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