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Sound, Breath, and Meditation Workshop

  • 825 11th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

All levels of practitioners are welcome to deepen their understanding, heighten their awareness and strengthen application of meditation and breathing techniques while using Tibetan Singing and Modern Singing Bowls. Discover how controlled breathing not only keeps the mind and body functioning optimally, but it will also lower blood pressure, promote a calm and relaxing mind-set and help students de-stress. You will learn the purpose, benefits and cautions of Kapalabhati, Dirga and
Anuloma Viloma. 

Different Meditation techniques can relax the body while keeping the mind singularly focused. When this is done regularly, a deep sense of inner peace, mental clarity and tranquility is cultivated with the practitioner. Dante will introduce several Abstract Mantras and Group Active Guide Meditation.
Throughout history many ancient civilizations and cultures have used crystals and stones for a numerous purposes such as healing, meditating, activating and strengthening psychic abilities. Within the last century, modern society has discovered, and continues to discover, the powerful and healing effects the singing bowls can produce with the backing of science. The quality of the materials and the structure of these bowls are highly important as these two foundations are what produce the harmonic sounds; while Tibetan bowls are made of brass and copper, crystal bowls are formed from mostly pure crushed quartz and heated in high boiling temperature in a centrifugal shape. The sounds that are created when the bowls are struck with a mallet, release a powerful and potent sound vibration, with the larger bowls creating a deeper and longer reverberation due to the size and amount of crystal used. Each bowl is tested with digital technology to identify its unique sound, with each sound corresponding to a particular note, similar to notes of a piano. Experience sounds from the Tibetan and modern crystal bowl during the meditations, breathing techniques and Savasana (Corpse Pose) to re-harmonize the entire body. Allow the sound vibrations to soothe the mind, clear any blockages within the body and guide you into the present moment. 

Dante Baker has been a native to the Washington DC area his entire life, growing up in Reston, VA. Since his childhood years, Dante has always had a fascination with the human anatomy and all of its abilities to heal, move, and process. This interest led Dante to studying and receiving certifications through AFAA and NASM in 2007. As he pursued personal training he worked with wide a range of clients such as over-weight clients, young athletes and elderly adults. As he gained more experience and confidence in his teaching he extended his expertise to larger classes such as boot camp, athletic conditioning, kids physical education, kickboxing and body pump.

Through Dante’s own personal life experience and the influence of family and peers, he embarked on a journey that would ultimately move him in the direction of providing health on a more holistic level. In 2009 he enrolled in the National Massage Therapy School and completed his 600- hour massage certification in 2010, all while learning transcendental meditation from Dr. Mahapatra Gyanendra -- one of the personal physicians of the Mararishi editation course. After receiving his certification, he studied under Dr. Akmal Muwwakkil where Dante started to explore Eastern practices and philosophies. In the same year of completing his massage certification, he took a course in Tui Na—an ancient form of Chinese bodywork.

Dante was fascinated by the Eastern philosophies such as Chinese medicine and enrolled in a nine month Qi Gong and Tai Chi Ball certification with Master Nianzu Li (L.Ac) in 2013. He went on to strengthen his Qi Gong practice and began to teach personal clients as well as larger classes at various health studios. The more he explored the holistic side of health, he started to incorporate sound healing with singing bowls as a way to heal the body, he received his Reiki Master certification in 2015, researched more deeply the symbolism of tarot, and most recently received his Yoga certification -200 hour from SOYA in January of 2016.

Dante personally trains and sees private clients for massage, physical exercise and Reiki, teaches meditation, yoga, qi gong classes, performs crystal and Tibetan Sound Concerts. His personal philosophy is that the body has an innate wisdom within itself and the tools and services he provides, allows the body to perform the healing that it knows how to do.

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