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How to Deal with Your Family Over the Holidays with Sarah Koo

  • 825 11th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)


-Teachings on why our family triggers us

-Experiencing boundaries in your body

-Practice using your own intuitive wisdom in a group setting

-A special Energetic healing and medicinal ceremony

-Practical tips for handling on-the-spot situations

Are you stressed at the idea of going home for the holidays? Do you feel like there is a significant part of you that needs to "endure" the experience?

Come learn about your boundaries, how to feel them in your body, and what separates pleasurable "consent" interactions from unpleasurable or even triggering "obligation" interactions with family.

This highly experiential workshop includes teachings on family and why they trigger us. Group exercises in finding our habitual patterns with family. And an energetic healing closing ceremony. As well as very practical on-the-ground tips for dealing with those on-the-spot situations.

$65 per person (12 people max)

Sarah Koo is an intuitive healer and teacher with a private practice in NYC. Her work involves Buddhist, Shamanic, Esoteric, and Tantric frameworks as well as her own intuitive downloads. Her mission is to empower people and to help wake them up to their own intuitive wisdom. Never endure anything, ever.