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Spiritual Self-Defense and Energy Protection Techniques

  • 825 11th Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

Spiritual Self-Defense and Energy Protection Techniques for Empaths

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Empaths have the ability to perceive and feel the energy and emotions of others. Empaths strive for truth and always connect in a deeper level. Empaths are excellent listeners, sensitive, supportive and genuinely care for the ones they love.

When an empath doesn’t work in filtering the energy that surrounds them, they can feel depleted, tired, and take the self assigned task of carrying the weight of the world as their own.

In this mini-workshop / guided meditation you will learn a series of powerful techniques that will be immediately applicable in the everyday life. You will learn to bring back the pieces of the self that stayed connected in to the energy of others and you will cut the cords from the energetic connections that no longer serve you.

You will learn how to shield and protect your energy field when exposed to depleting people or circumstances, and will understand better how to call upon even exchanges of energy for a lighter and more joyful life.

To be an empath is a bless, learn to protect your self and thrive under any circumstances.

Wendy Mata

Space is Limited, please RSVP at: