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WithLoveDC Open House Show

We are so excited to be opening our own gathering space in DC's busy H Street NE neighborhood. Join us for our grand opening party as we gather in the cozy meditation room for an intimate house show by singer/songwriter Michelle Rodriguez.

Join us at Eight Twenty Five Eleventh Street Northeast DC, 20002.


Born in Orlando, FL to Nuyorican parents and raised in Kirkland, WA and Lexington, KY, vocalist and songwriter Michelle J. Rodriguez creates music that doesn't give any definitive answer about where she comes from. But it is just that, the resistance of origin points, that defines her. Ms. Rodriguez's voice encompasses a wide range of musical influences and abilities, music that refuses to be housed in a single genre. Flowing effortlessly between blues, jazz and folk, her voice reflects these influences: Blues great Francine Reed, jazz mavens Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holliday, diva Barbra Streisand, and folk legend Joni Mitchell, among others. Ms. Rodriguez embodies the legacies of these women, and defines a new Americana, a musical movement that is evolving and changing as quickly as this country. Ms. Rodriguez is based in central Vermont, and writes music in a converted convent.