Build With Love is a project to get the community involved in the building of a tiny home named, Desiderata.  


The entire WithLove Community is invited to get involved with the building of this tiny home. Take a look at all the amazing options of opportunities to jump into the project and choose the best way for you and your friends to build with love! 

Film Screening/Discussion/Guided Meditations in DC: (Feb. 18-$20) Join us at the WithLove House for the Kick-Off Event to the Build With Love Tiny Home project. We will be showing the award-winning film, The Minimalists. It will be followed by a conversation about minimalism, what lead Heather to wanting to build her tiny home, Desiderata, and how you can get involved and learn how to build a tiny home! We will end the night with a guided meditation.
Yoga on the Farm Days: (Apr. 22 or July 8-$50)
Want to be a part of manifesting Desiderata without actually picking up a hammer? For all of those who want to support this project, but do not desire learning how to build there are plenty of days to get involved. Join us on the farm for our yoga days! Get out of the city and spend the morning exploring Loudon County; take a hike, go tubing at Watermelon Park, or check out one of the many wineries. Meet us at the Two Filly Farm by 2:00 pm to see the progress on the house. You will also be able to take a tour of all the tiny houses currently in progress on the farm. This will be followed by a yoga class, a workshop on essential oils, as well as a manifestation meditation and journaling activity. 
Escape the City: (April 22-23 or July 8-9-$75) Want a magical night away from the city? Join us for a Yoga on the Farm Day and then stay for dinner, evening hike, and camp out with us underneath the stars. In the morning there will be a yoga before you leave to explore more of Loudon County or head back to the city. 
Tools 101 Workshop: (Feb. 26 or Apr. 6 or June 1-$125) This introductory day to the Build A Tiny House Workshop is designed to familiarize people who have little or no prior building experience with the tools and materials used in the full workshop and in tiny house building. During this 8-hour workshop you’ll be instructed in safety and appropriate usage, and you’ll use all tools under supervision. 

Hands-On 2-Day Build Workshops: (Mar. 25-26-$225) This two day, hands-on tiny house building workshop with on-site camping provides tiny house enthusiasts with an opportunity to build, learn, and network. You’ll work side by side with expert builders on tiny houses in different stages of construction. During the March two-day build folks will be learn how to craft the rounded wooden hobbit door for the house. 
Hands-On 3-Day Build Workshops: (Apr. 7-9 or Apr. 14-16 or June 2-4-$425) These three day, hands-on tiny house building workshops with on-site camping provides tiny house enthusiasts with an opportunity to build, learn, and network. You’ll work side by side with expert builders on tiny houses in different stages of construction. Come ready to work on and learn about a variety of tiny house building skills. You will have the opportunity to participate in tasks.
We welcome participants of all skill levels, from those who’ve never used a drill to those who know every aisle of the hardware store by heart! If you’re new to construction, consider attending the optional Thursday Beginner’s Tool Workshop to get comfortable with the tools we’ll be using. Join us for a weekend of building, learning, and networking with other tiny house enthusiasts!
April 7-9: Prep the Trailer
April 14-16: Framing and Siding
June 2-4: TBD depending where we are at in construction
How to Build a Tiny House Crash Course: (Apr. 7-16-$1200) Serious about wanting to learn to build your own tiny house? This 10-day crash course is perfect to get you some much-needed hands-on experience to decide if building your own tiny house is right for you. Join the team for 10 days of foundation building; the first 3-day build weekend to prep the trailer, camp out on the farm with Robin and her team for the rest of week working side by side to finish up the flooring and walls, and then spend the next 3-day weekend for another workshop to finish up the framing and start in on the siding. 
Live Tiny: (Fall/Winter 2017, $350) Are you considering living in a tiny house? Spend a night in the Desiderata tiny house once it is complete to get a feel what it would really be like to live tiny. (can choose to add $350 to any other level to spend a night at the house!)

MEET THE BUILDER: Robin Hayes is the owner of Build Tiny. She has created and lived in a variety of spaces during her construction career, some tiny, some not so tiny. The one thing that they all have in common is that they’re based on her love of high quality sustainable building and creative expression. Robin’s passion for sustainability led her to become a Green Advantage Certified Builder. She is also insured and carries the following licenses: Class A General Contractor, Master Plumber, Master Gas Pipe Fitter, and Plumbing Instructor. Robin brings more than thirty five years of construction and educational experience to help you create and build your perfect tiny house.